The Visible Signs of Breakout Prone Skin Blemishes or problem skin starts in the area surrounding the hairs that grow form the skin, known as the Pilosebaceous follicle. These follicles often become plugged with dead skin cells and oil, eventually leading to congestion and breakouts. The most commonly affected areas are the face, neck, back, chest and shoulders.

Some interesting statistics suggest that 85% of the adolescent population is affected, blackheads are 100% prevalent in adolescence, 76% of women are affected by post-adolescent problem skin, 61% of clients treated with cis-retinoic acid require additional treatment and 39% of clients treated using cis-retinoic acid are cured.

Acne scars vary in type: Ice Pick Scars, Box Car Scars, Rolling Scars and Hypertrophic Scars.


Scars, Wrinkles and Stretch Marks

Your skin comes with an inherent repair process, but unfortunately this process causes scarring.

Having said that, many scars, wrinkles and stretch marks can be repaired scarlessly, even if you’ve been told they are permanent. There are many key factors to scarless healing, some of which include: Vitamin A and Vitamin C, along with engaging the growth factors TGF-BETA-3 which will work to build new tissue. The result is regenerated, rejuvenated, smooth and scarless skin.

Effective treatments for acne and scars are available at Skin Secrets.



I am really happy with the outcome! Many of my friends have complimented on how vibrant I look, before knowing I had any work done, so that made me feel confident again! My husband is all smiles. Can’t wait to see this extremely professional team again!


Wonderful first time experience with Botox, and the best results I could have hoped for!! I’m absolutely thrilled with my results and I wish I hadn’t waited so long.


I use to commute downtown Vancouver for all of my skincare and beauty needs until I discovered Skin Secrets. I’ve become a regular client and have since referred my friends/family too. It’s the best kept secret in Fort Langley!

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