Basic Operations of All Staff:

» All staff, at all times while they are in the clinic, will be wearing a full gown, face mask and gloves

» Touchless sanitizer is provided throughout the clinic for staff and clients

» All staff have been asked to stay home if they have any flu symptoms or have been around anyone with flu symptoms in the previous 2 weeks

» All staff have been requested to not leave BC until further notice, and to self-isolate for 2 weeks after returning, if it is necessary for them to leave the province

» A barrier has been placed at the reception desk

» We respect 6’ distancing as possible, between clients and staff

» We do not offer any “aerosol generating procedures”

» Clients are asked to wear a face mask at all times in the clinic

» We have an emphasis on unidirectional travel through the clinic – entering through the front door, being escorted to a treatment room and exiting through the back door

Appointment Protocol:

» All touchpoints in the clinic have been removed for clients coming to the clinic for an appointment: both the front door (clearly labeled ENTRY only) and the back door (clearly labeled EXIT only) will be propped open during their scheduled appointment time to allow for touchless entry and exit from the clinic and to avoid any close contact with other clients

» The chairs in the waiting room have been removed, the front desk counter has been cleared of all display items for ease of sanitizing between clients and the restroom is prohibited for use by clients

» There will be 15 minutes scheduled in between a client leaving the clinic and another client arriving, to allow for the disinfection of the room, bed, clinic and possible touchpoints

» Hospital grade CAVI and/or ACCEL Five TB disinfection wipes are used to sterilize the bed the client was resting on, the counters and the floor of the clinic once each patient has vacated the premises

» If clients are early for their appointment, they are asked to wait in their vehicle until we call and invite them inside

» We accept touchless credit card payment over the phone only, speaking with the client on the phone as they leave the clinic

» All sheets are being removed with gloves and laundered with bleach on the SANITARY setting of the washing machine, located inside the clinic

» All needles are one-time use only and safely disposed of in a Sharp’s container

» Any devices that come in contact with a client are disinfected immediately using the CAVI and/or ACCEL disinfection wipes

» Hand washing is done between clients and procedures throughout the day

If clients are purchasing a product at the time of their appointment, below outlines the sterile preparation of their package:

» Every item has been handled by a staff member donned with a gown, gloves and a mask during the preparation of the package

» The exterior packaging of each product has been disinfected with hospital-grade CAVI and/or ACCEL wipes which are used in operating rooms, surgical centres, neonatal units along with medical and dental operatories

» Once the items have been disinfected, they are placed into a large Ziploc bag and sealed

» At this point, the bag is transferred to a sterile table at the entrance/exit to await pick-up

» Once the package is claimed, the table is once again disinfected with CAVI and/or ACCEL wipes in preparation for the next pick-up

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