Aging is a fact of life, but losing smooth youthful skin isn’t inevitable. After all, our skin is not only medically important, but it affects how we are viewed by ourselves and others. Do you think a minor, minimally invasive procedure is the next step in your beauty journey? If so, Skin Secrets may have the solution for you. As your local aesthetic care experts we are happy to consult with you about our many options.

What treatments are offered at Skin Secrets?

We are specialists in dermal fillers. These minor procedures enhance the fullness and tightness of your skin to impart a youthful healthy appearance. We use hyaluronic acid injections to provide nonpermanent treatments for facial lines and wrinkles. Very minimal risks are present in all medical procedures, but the benefit to our standard use of hyaluronic acid is that it can be reversed if necessary using an enzyme which allows for safe absorption into the body.

What are common areas where fillers are helpful?

Frown, laughter, and worry line softening are three procedures where our tissue filler can smooth deep lines for dramatic results. Since most people develop lines in these areas, the procedure can gratify the need to look younger, gain confidence, and live the life you want. It is important to note that these procedures are best coupled with Botox injections which we are also expert in administering. Beyond anti-aging procedures we also offer lip injections for the perfect pout as well as cheek augmentation to allow for more dramatic contouring and volume.

How do I know if these treatments are the solution to my aesthetic needs?

If you are considering any of our filler procedures, Dr. Neitzel and his staff at Skin Secrets are happy to determine if our services are right for you. Call us today at 778-878-7546 or email to schedule your free consultation. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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