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If you are concerned about facial aging, fine lines, or wrinkles, soft tissue augmentation can be your saving grace. Here at Skin Secrets we use a variety of filler treatments to restore volume and improve facial wrinkles and folds without surgery. Fillers can be used alone or in combination with other cosmetic procedures to enhance the size/shape of your lips, re-define your jowl line, enhance cheekbones and restore volume to your face, and hands. Hyaluronic based fillers also stimulate collagen production, providing an enhanced benefit beyond their immediate filling effect. These non-invasive outpatient aesthetic procedures can rejuvenate the aged face with minimal or no downtime. Soft tissue augmentation with fillers can be used alone or in combination with Botox, lasers, and other cosmetic procedures. The list of FDA approved fillers continues to expand, enhancing treatment options.

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Cheek Augmentation


Full Lips and Mini Lips


Marionette Line Softening


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