Acne is the term used for plugged pores (blackheads and whiteheads) and inflammatory acne (papules, pustules, nodules or cysts) that occur on the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders and upper arms. Although acne is often seen among teenagers, it is not restricted to any particular age group and adults can also suffer from it.

Typically acne drugs have associated side effects such as dry skin, depression, joint pain and more. This is a treatment that does not affect the body systemically, so it’s a great alternative to those who wish not to take medications.


• Sebum Production is Reduced by 30% Immediately After Treatment as Pore Sizes are Reduced
• Eliminates the Need to Extract Comedones
• Simultaneously targets all acne pathogeneses during the treatment session, reducing the size of the nodules, cysts and papules immediately and effecting contain improvements in subsequent sessions
• Results in high levels of satisfaction after just 1 session, with reduced acne counts and reductions in new lesions along with a reduction in pore sizes, redness, macules and the inflammation of acne
• Safe and efficacious for all types of acne, including severe inflamed acne


How It Works

• The dual modes of the Spectra system induce a complementary photothermal effect and photomechanical peeling
• The photothermal effect stimulates skin cell regeneration and reduces the inflammation of acne
• The photomechanical peeling effect cleanses the skin surface and unplugs pores, stimulates skin ell turnover, reduces sebum production and pore size, catalyses dermal remodeling
• Plugged pores are opened and cleared when the Spectra carbon lotion is activated and exploded, the artificial chromophore of the Spectra carbon mechanically damages the inner walls of the pores, stimulating fresh growth

 Common Questions

The treatment schedule and number of sessions will vary depending on the severity of the condition. This treatment is typically performed on a biweekly basis for 3-6 sessions.

Your post-acne redness will lighten quicker that if left alone, however, the results may be faster or delayed depending on the synergic effect of combination treatments and skin care.

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I am really happy with the outcome! Many of my friends have complimented on how vibrant I look, before knowing I had any work done, so that made me feel confident again! My husband is all smiles. Can’t wait to see this extremely professional team again!


Wonderful first time experience with Botox, and the best results I could have hoped for!! I’m absolutely thrilled with my results and I wish I hadn’t waited so long.


I use to commute downtown Vancouver for all of my skincare and beauty needs until I discovered Skin Secrets. I’ve become a regular client and have since referred my friends/family too. It’s the best kept secret in Fort Langley!

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