At Skin Secrets, we use the leading technology in gynecological health treatments and soft tissue remodeling with the CO2RE Intima system. This system allows for a minimally invasive, non-hormonal, energy-based treatment for the vagina, vulva, and introitus areas.

At the onset of menopause many women experience the effects of estrogen loss through the thinning out and drying of the vaginal lining cause many types of physical and emotional discomforts (such as itching, burning, painful intercourse, and Stress Urinary Incontinence complications). Women after childbearing may experience looser, less elastic tissue in the vaginal canal and introitus areas, which can lead to a less satisfying sexual experience. In both of these cases an energy-based system like the CO2RE Intima is the best option for remodeling the area’s tissue and restoring vaginal health.


Vaginal Health

Over time, vaginal tissue can change with various circumstances in life such as childbirth, ageing and hormonal changes. This change in vaginal tissue can negatively affect a women’s quality of life, comfort and sexual gratification.

The CO2RE Intima performs gynecological and genitourinary treatments to the vaginal and vulvar areas; using CO2 technology, CO2RE Intima improves overall vaginal health by remodeling tissue with neoformation of collagen and elastin fibers.

Co2RE Intima can be used to effectively treat the following conditions: (click the conditions below to learn more)

Labia Rejuvenation
Vaginal Canal Laxity
Urinary Incontinence
Stress Urinary Incontinence
Vaginal-Vulvar Atrophy
Post Radiation Dryness

How to Prepare for CO2RE Intima Treatment

Before your treatment, your physician may choose to conduct a vaginal canal exam, during which they will examine the area you wish to treat and discuss any specific ways you’ll need to prepare.

Generally, it’s important that, before treatment, the external vaginal area is free of injuries and bleeding, pelvic infection, urine infection, and that your doctor is informed of any history of previous injuries and infections in the area. Hair should be shaved in the area of treatment. You may also be directed to take antiviral medication.

The Benefits

The CO2 laser treatment will re-initiate the production of collagen and elastin in soft tissue in the vaginal areas, resulting in tightened, healthy skin, relieving any related discomfort and potentially improving the sexual experience.
Through the neoformation of collagen and elastin the pigment in the skin will begin producing new skin cells, resulting in the elimination of discolored or overly-textured skin cells. This technique also allows for continued improvement over time and long-lasting results.

Rejuvenation Treatment can reduce loose or texture skin, that often occurs with age, after childbirth, or through the effects of hormones.

The CO2RE Intima system is highly efficient and effective. Therefore treatments will only take between 10 and 30 minutes for each treatment.

Many treatments are overly invasive or apply the use of hormones. At Skin Secrets, we want the best treatment experience for our patients which is why we’ve implement the CO2RE Intima system that is minimally invasive and avoids the use of hormones.

What to Expect

On the day of treatment your physician may conduct a preliminary physical exam before beginning the treatment.

Plain baby oil may be applied to the introitus as well as the tip of the CO2RE Intima’s probe. Using the digital system integrated in the CO2RE Intima, your physician will gently guide the probe to be inserted into the vaginal canal. The probe will then deliver a series of pulses as the physician will rotate the probe in between pulses. This may take anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes to complete.

After treatment the area of treatment will be assessed and the physician may apply a water based lubricant to reduce any discomfort. It’s important to keep the area clean, and wash gently with warm water and mild cleanser daily. It’s also important to avoid intercourse, or tampons for the following 7 days. After one week you may return to your physician’s office for a recheck examination.

Indications for Treatment:

  • Dyschromia
  • Vulvar Dystrophy
  • Vulvo-Vaginal Atrophy
  • Vaginal Canal Laxity
  • Atrophy of the mucosa
  • Scar tissue (such as a C-section scar)
  • Labia Rejuvenation
  • Urinary Incontinence and Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI)
  • Pigmentary Changes