Introduction to RF Microneedling
Enhance the transformative benefits of Medical Microneedling with the addition of radiofrequency (RF) energy. RF Microneedling is an advanced form of microneedling that leverages RF technology to optimize results by restructuring the dermis (the deepest layer of our skin) and elevating the skin’s natural function.
By activating these natural functions collagen and elastin production is increased and smoother, healthier, more youthful skin is revealed.
The Transformative Secrets RF Microneedling
The Skin Secrets approach to rejuvenated skin is to harness the dual-action advantages of RF Microneedling. Not all devices are created equal! Lutronic’s Genius is the most advanced RF technology on the market; the only device with built-in Artificial Intelligence to ensure a better treatment overall, longer-lasting results, and a quicker recovery time. By activating increased collagen and elastin production, RF Microneedling can reverse the visible signs of aging with remarkable, yet natural-looking and discreet results. RF Microneedling delivers transformative results for those with these skin-related concerns:
More About RF Microneedling
RF Microneedling treatments deliver superior results by smoothing out the epidermis (outer, visible layer of skin) amplifying a toned, tighter, and refreshed complexion.
The combination of microneedling and radiofrequency energy can turn back the clock on aging by boosting collagen and elastin levels to lift and tighten the skin. Improved levels of collagen strengthen the structure of your skin and augment volume to depressed areas. Boosted levels of elastin will help your skin maintain its shape and placement. Collagen and elastin work together to keep your skin looking healthy, youthful, and rejuvenated.
The Technology Behind RF Microneedling
Skin Secrets leverages the advanced RF technology of the highly effective Lutronic Genius® RF Microneedling system. This system allows for precision, non-surgical skin rejuvenation without the side effects and downtime of more traditional skin resurfacing treatments.
Real Results

BENEFITS OF RF Microneedling


RF microneedling stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, essential proteins that promote skin firmness and elasticity. The controlled micro-injuries created by the microneedles, along with the added heat energy from radiofrequency, trigger the body’s natural healing response, leading to collagen remodeling and rejuvenation.


The combination of microneedling and radiofrequency energy results in skin tightening effects. The heat generated by the radiofrequency energy stimulates the contraction of collagen fibers, leading to a firmer and more toned appearance. This can be especially beneficial for individuals with mild to moderate skin laxity.


RF microneedling can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The stimulation of collagen production, combined with the tightening effects, can smooth out the skin’s texture and diminish the signs of aging, resulting in a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.


RF microneedling can be effective in improving the appearance of acne scars, surgical scars, and other types of scars. The controlled micro-injuries and collagen remodeling help to break down scar tissue and stimulate the production of new, healthier skin cells, leading to smoother and more even skin texture.


RF microneedling is suitable for various skin types and tones, including individuals with darker skin tones who may be at a higher risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The energy is delivered through the microneedles, bypassing the outer layer of the skin and minimizing the risk of pigmentary changes.


RF microneedling treatments can be customized based on individual needs and concerns. The depth of the microneedles and the intensity of the radiofrequency energy can be adjusted to target specific areas of the face or body and address different skin concerns.
Why Choose Us?
Choose Skin Secrets Cosmetic Clinic for your RF microneedling treatments and experience the difference in quality and care. Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals specializes in RF microneedling and is dedicated to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. We prioritize your safety and satisfaction, providing a comfortable and welcoming environment for your treatments. With our expertise, advanced technology, and commitment to delivering excellent outcomes, you can trust us to provide the highest level of care. Enhance your natural beauty and rejuvenate your skin with Skin Secrets Cosmetic Clinic.
Frequently Asked Questions
How many sessions of RF Microneedling will I need?
The number of appointments you need is determined by the unique features of your skin and your goals for treatment. You and our highly trained specialist will determine the best treatment plan for your desired results.
How long does it take to heal after RF Microneedling?
The length of your healing period will depend on how deeply the needles and coagulation affected your skin. Many factors will play a role in your healing process; however, most clients don’t experience downtime and return to a regular schedule right away.