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BOTOX®/Dysport® has been a popular form of cosmetic treatment for many years. This simple injectable cosmetic treatment can be quickly performed in-office and can yield fast acting results without downtime. These qualities make BOTOX®/Dysport® an appealing option for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and BOTOX®/Dysport® can be used to address some medical conditions as well. Although BOTOX®/Dysport® is a popular option, some people may be unsure if this treatment is right for them. Since every person is unique, consider the effects of BOTOX®/Dysport® and consult with a medical professional to determine if BOTOX®/Dysport® will work for you.

BOTOX®/Dysport® Can Benefit You If:

You Want Smoother-Looking Skin Without Surgery

BOTOX®/Dysport® block chemical signals that tell your muscles to contract. This then relaxes your muscles and softens the appearance of existing fine lines and wrinkles while preventing these creases from deepening. BOTOX®/Dysport® offers smoother, youthful-looking skin through simple injections instead of through surgeries with long recovery times. BOTOX®/Dysport® is a good option for people seeking more youthful-looking skin using minimally invasive procedures.

Your Area Of Treatment Is Ideal For BOTOX®/Dysport®

The most common areas and the ones that respond to BOTOX®/Dysport® treatment best are the forehead, between the eyes, around the neck, near the eyes, and around the lips. Although they can be used to treat a variety of areas of concern on the face, BOTOX®/Dysport® injections are rarely used for cosmetic purposes on other parts of the body.

You Have Realistic Expectations

BOTOX®/Dysport® will not give you the same results as a facelift, nor will it make you automatically look 30 years younger. Instead, this treatment helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to discreetly create a natural-looking more youthful appearance. BOTOX®/Dysport® treatment can offer some dramatic results but should not look artificial when administered by a skillful injector. Speak to your injection specialist about your desired outcomes before choosing BOTOX®/Dysport®.

You Are Not Pregnant Or Breastfeeding

Although BOTOX®/Dysport® are completely safe under most circumstances, there are occasions when it’s better to use extra precautions and avoid this treatment. Because BOTOX®/Dysport® uses a form of bacteria derived from the Botulinum toxin, there is a chance that BOTOX®/Dysport® may not be healthy for your unborn baby. Since the effects of BOTOX®/Dysport® for pregnant and breastfeeding women have not been tested and remain unknown, doctors recommend you to avoid any potential risk and not get treatment until after you have given birth and have finished breast feeding.

You Have A Medical Condition That Can Be Addressed With BOTOX®/Dysport®

BOTOX®/Dysport® treatment is not only beneficial for cosmetic purposes. The ability this treatment has to block nerve signals also benefits several conditions, including:

  • TMJ Pain
    Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) tension can be relieved using BOTOX®/Dysport®. When nerves are blocked, TMJ-related facial muscle contractions no longer occur, which can greatly help to relieve TMJ pain in the jaw.
  • Hyperhidrosis
    If you sweat excessively and it is influencing your life, you may have hyperhidrosis. One way to stop excessive sweating is with underarm BOTOX®/Dysport® injections to intercept sweat signals from your brain.
  • Migraines
    BOTOX®/Dysport® was approved for the treatment of chronic migraines in 2011. For people who suffer from chronic migraines, BOTOX®/Dysport® injections that target certain muscle groups around the head and neck can help to prevent migraines and dull migraine pain.

Receive BOTOX®/Dysport® From Professionals For The Best Results

Not all BOTOX®/Dysport® treatment is created equally. Artful BOTOX®/Dysport® injections yield the most natural-looking and pleasing appearance when delivered by injection specialists who understand how BOTOX®/Dysport® work and how to customize this treatment. At Skin Secrets in Fort Langley, our staff of doctors, registered nurses, and skin care specialists will create a customizable treatment option to work with your specific facial features to create your desired outcomes. To schedule a complimentary consultation for personalized BOTOX®/Dysport® treatment, call Skin Secrets at 1-778-878-7546 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: Who should not receive BOTOX®/Dysport®?

A: Although BOTOX®/Dysport® is generally safe, a person should not receive this treatment if they are allergic to BOTOX®/Dysport®, have a severe infection, illness, or neurological disorder, are on antibiotics, or are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Q: How long does BOTOX®/Dysport® last?

A: Every client is unique, but in general, the effect of a BOTOX®/Dysport® treatment will last between 2-4 months. For optimal, longer-lasting results follow your practitioner’s recommendations for treatment aftercare

Q: Is BOTOX®/Dysport® only for women?

A: No, BOTOX®/Dysport® for cosmetic and medical purposes is popular for people regardless of gender.