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Many people have what they call a double chin, but this pocket of fat beneath the chin can’t always be reduced with good diet and exercise. Fat under the chin, also called submental fullness, can be caused by genetics, facial structure, age, and weight changes, and it is very difficult or even impossible to get rid of on your own. Although fat can be removed from this area through surgical procedures and liposuction, for people who want a less invasive way of smoothing your chin and sculpting your jaw line, Belkyra® and Kybella® can get rid of submental fullness.

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What You Need To Know About Belkyra® And Kybella®

How Do Belkyra® And Kybella® Work?

These injectable treatments use a naturally occurring substance found in the body called deoxycholic acid. The Belkyra® or Kybella® treatment is injected into the fatty layer on the underside of the chin. The deoxycholic acid disrupts the cell membranes of the fat cells and these fat cells are destroyed, processed by the body, and then naturally expelled as waste. Once fat cells are destroyed, they can not regrow. It is possible for any remaining fat cells to expand, but if your double chin was a result of genetics or face shape, it is highly unlikely for your double chin to return. Submental fullness may return if you have periods of weight fluctuation.

What Can I Expect During Belkyra® And Kybella® Treatment?

Belkyra® and Kybella® treatments are fast and simple. After reviewing your medical history, discussing your desired outcomes, and creating a personalized treatment plan, your practitioner will administer several injections, which should take approximately 20 minutes. The number of injections each person needs will vary. After injections are administered, you may experience some numbness and tingling while the deoxycholic acid takes effect and you should expect some bruising and swelling for about 10 days after treatment. This will begin to dissipate as the Belkyra® or Kybella® treatment takes effect. You can use a cool compress to help relieve some of these symptoms. Avoid using saunas, hot tubs, hot showers, or other warm environments as well as alcohol and strenuous activity for about 48 hours after treatment. Do not rub or scrub or rub the treatment area and avoid irritating the skin under the chin. Results are typically visible within 3 to 6 weeks.

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Lose Your Double Chin With Belkyra® And Kybella®

If you want to smooth your chin and define your jawline, Belkyra® and Kybella® are fast, non-surgical ways to accomplish this. At Skin Secrets Cosmetic Clinic in Fort Langley, our team of doctors, registered nurses, and skin care specialists focuses on creating natural-looking results by leveraging all of the most advanced cosmetic products and technologies available. Our Belkyra® and Kybella® treatments help you develop a tighter, firmer, more youthful profile and can help unburden you of stubborn chin fat. To speak with the team at Skin Secrets, call 1-778-878-7546 or fill out the online contact form.


Q:  Can Belkyra® and Kybella® be used on other areas of the body?

A: No, Belkyra® and Kybella® are only approved for use under the chin and in small quantities.

Q: Are Belkyra® and Kybella® safe to use?

A: Yes. Because the quantity of deoxycholic acid used is minimal and only dissolves a bit of fat, the liver and kidneys can safely process the fat from this treatment as waste.

Q: Do Belkyra® and Kybella® hurt?

A: You may experience some tingling or numbness and some people report experiencing a dull ache, but any pain should be very mild and practitioners at Skin Secrets can use a numbing cream on your skin to limit any potential pain.