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Unlike other forms of surgical body contouring, CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive way to target stubborn pockets of fat, creating a smooth and sculpted silhouette without the need for lengthy preparation or recovery. Because it is non-invasive and highly targeted, CoolSculpting® is a safe and effective way to address unwanted fat and recontour the body. Although there is no downtime to CoolSculpting®, there are some steps you can take to help ensure optimal comfort as well as ideal short and long-term results after treatment. When you’re ready for a CoolSculpting® treatment, here are some steps you may want to take after treatment.

Ready for CoolSculpting® treatment?
How To Prepare For CoolSculpting®.

Steps To Take After CoolSculpting®

Wear Loose Clothing

After CoolSculpting®, the treatment area will likely be sore and there may be some swelling. Tight-fitting clothing may be difficult to put on after CoolSculpting®  and uncomfortable to wear, but something more flowy or stretchy will allow the treatment area to be comfortable during recovery. Come to your appointment wearing loose clothing or with something comfortable to change into afterward.

Drink Water

Staying hydrated is great for your overall health but drinking plenty of water also helps to speed up recovery after CoolSculpting®. Water helps to flush out damaged fat cells from your body faster.

Use A Warm Compress

If you feel discomfort or cramping after CoolSculpting®, a warm compress can help to ease this pain. The warmth of the compress helps to stimulate blood flow, which helps oxygen circulate and relax muscles while facilitating healing.

Massage Yourself

You might think it is best not to touch the treatment area after CoolSculpting®, but massaging the site can actually be highly beneficial. It is recommended to gently massage the treatment area shortly after your CoolSculpting® session as well as several times during the following days. Massaging the area helps to break down frozen fat and encourages the lymphatic system to flush out damaged fat cells. Your CoolSculpting® administrator will show you how to effectively and comfortably massage the area.

Wear A Compression Garment

Not everyone will need to use a compression garment, but it can be very useful for managing any pain or discomfort. Compression garments help to promote blood flow and lymphatic drainage, which helps to speed up CoolSculpting® recovery.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol thins the blood and drinking after CoolSculpting® can make bruising worse. You should also avoid drinking alcohol about 1 week before treatment.

Eat Well

Eating healthy foods after your CoolSculpting® treatment will help you to avoid feeling bloated or sluggish, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle, in general, will help maintain your CoolSculpting® results for the long term. Although CoolSculpting® gets rid of fat cells permanently, any fat cells that remain can still expand. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through good eating and regular exercise will help you maintain results.

Have Realistic Expectations

CoolSculpting® is designed to help you get rid of stubborn pockets of fat and sculpt a sleek silhouette but it is not a weight loss solution. Before you go for a CoolSculpting® treatment make sure you understand how this treatment will affect your body and how you will look. You should also understand that results will take time to become apparent. Typically, you won’t see the effects of CoolSculpting® until 12 to 15 weeks after treatment.

CoolSculpting® In Fort Langley

When you’re ready for CoolSculpting® treatment, the team at Skin Secrets will help you prepare so that you know what to expect before, during, and after treatment. The team at Skin Secrets is committed to helping our clients achieve their goals for fat reduction and body contouring with our CoolSecret Transformation Promise. This risk-free guarantee ensures the results you desire. Ask us about our promise during your complimentary consultation.

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Q: How long does CoolSculpting® take?

A: This will depend on the size and area of treatment, but in general a CoolSculpting® treatment takes about 4 to 6 hours.

Q: Is CoolSculpting® painful?

A: The CoolSculpting® freezing temperature provides an almost numbing effect in the treatment area. Most clients report no pain and very little discomfort. After treatment, you may experience some hypersensitivity to your skin in the treatment area or some very mild tenderness, but most clients return to their daily activities immediately.

Q: Is CoolSculpting® only used on the stomach?

A: Although the stomach/abdomen is a common area for treatment, CoolSculpting® can be performed on several different areas including:

  • Inner & Outer Thighs
  • Love Handles / Flanks
  • Bra and Back Fat 
  • Buttocks (banana roll)
  • Upper Arms