Physician-Directed CoolSculpting® Treatments
Address unwanted pockets of fat and enhance your silhouette with CoolSculpting® at Skin Secrets. This advanced body contouring fat freezing technology is a safe and non-surgical treatment that does not damage your skin or surrounding tissues. The CoolSculpting® treatment injures the fat cells with freezing temperatures. These damaged fat cells are then naturally eliminated by your body.
CoolSculpting® can result in a 25%-40% reduction of unwanted fat in the treatment area. optimal results are typically achieved 3-4 months after CoolSculpting® treatment. The effects of CoolSculpting® are long lasting; once fat cells are destroyed they are gone forever. It’s time to freeze your fat away for good! Book your free consult today!
Real Results
Frequently Asked Questions
Is CoolSculpting® painful?
The CoolSculpting® freezing temperature provides an almost numbing effect at the treatment area. Most clients report no pain and very little discomfort. After treatment you may experience some hypersensitivity to your skin at the treatment area or some very mild tenderness, but most clients return to their daily activities immediately.
Will the fat come back after treatment?
The fat cells targeted in the treatment area will be permanently destroyed and will never grow back (pregnancy is the last time in a female’s life where the body may regenerate fat cells, and this could happen in the treated area). But be aware that fat cells outside of the treatment area can still grow larger if you are not careful to maintain a healthy weight.